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  • We work with our clients to provide the services they are seeking, in a unique and comprehensive manner. We help our clientele realize their end goals, mitigate risks and deliver successful programs. Clients view Synergis as a trustworthy, dedicated and well-connected company with a diversified knowledge base: if a wireless network is involved, we can support your needs.
  • We bring a unique brand of experience to the table. Synergis draws upon its owner’s and its team’s uniquely diverse and extensive background in network and technology development. Most of Synergis’ clients agree that Keith Pennachio, the founder of the company, is one among a select few individuals in the industry who possess a unique and valuable skillset that helps them reach goals and accomplish tasks that would stump the average “professional” in the field.
  • We know the right people to carry out your project. A combination of relationships with carrier operators, OEMs and infrastructure companies serves as our platform for comprehensive advisory services and market trend analyses.
  • We look to the future. Synergis is at the forefront of technology evolution, working with many of the key innovators across platforms for wireless.


the Clean, Centralized processing, Collaborative radio, and real-time Cloud Radio Access Network is an alternative to traditional cellular networks intended to minimize costs and interference while maximizing efficiency.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

using several antennae to provide coverage instead of a single one saves power and increases reliability.

Internet of Things (IoT)

as technology advances, more and more devices beyond just cell phones and computers become interconnected wirelessly.

Connected cars and autonomous driving

wirelessly connected cars provide a variety of new options for drivers and passengers, from entertainment systems to safety alerts. In a near future, they will become the basis of the transportation ecosystem.

Smart homes and cities

more and more home appliances can now be controlled remotely, and it’s only the beginning. With smart cities, everything from schools to hospitals to public transportation systems will be made more efficient using wireless network solutions, greatly enhancing our quality of life.